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Interview with Bryan Tayefeh


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Recognized as a prestigious businessman and passionate innovator, Bryan Tayefeh is a man of outstanding merit. While he’s accomplished much in both his professional and personal pursuits, he’s best known for his revolutionary fitness techniques and biotechnology expertise. In fact, for the last 12 years, Tayefeh has worked for Ionis Pharmaceuticals, a leader in RNA therapeutics. At the company, his roles include negotiating partnerships and finding advanced technology that will help cure illnesses. When he’s not making great strides in his career, Tayefeh enjoys traveling with his family, surfing, and freediving. What Sparked The Idea For Tayefeh Fitness? Physical health is as important to me as mental well-being. When I started working on my physique, many were quick to notice changes in my appearance. My friends, family members, and co-workers all wanted to know the recipe for my success. They couldn’t fathom finding time in their busy lives to get in shape. In the hopes of simplifying things, I offered them my workout plans and meal prep tips. However, they failed to see results because they lacked a basic understanding of lifting, strength training, etc. It was then that I realized my know-how could change the lives of many. Soon after, my personal training business came to life. What’s Your Daily Routine, And How Do You Remain Productive? I dedicate most of my time to my full-time job at Ionis Pharmaceuticals. Being a father to my twin boys also takes up a good portion of my day. When I’m not assuming these roles, you can find me training or coaching others. However, no two days have looked the same since the pandemic hit. With COVID-19, I’ve learned to expect the unexpected, and I’ve also gotten great at adapting to this new way of life. Most of my business is conducted over video chat, and though things are different, I’ve managed to keep clients happy. I attribute my productivity to the boundaries I’ve set. I work hard, but I’m always aware of my personal limits. To ensure that I produce quality work, I don’t overcommit. Instead, I find a healthy balance and give myself breaks when necessary. How Do You Breathe Life Into Ideas? When an idea comes to me, I take my time realizing it. To prevent getting ahead of myself, I regard my ideas as a work in progress. Not only does this put less pressure on me, but it also ensures that I don’t become emotionally attached. While I have a passion for pioneering novel concepts, I don’t want to get let down if things go awry. With that said, I set realistic goals, and I use my time wisely so that my focus doesn’t waver. Name One Trend That Inspires You Vegan and vegetarian lifestyles inspire me. As I see more plant-based protein options being introduced, it gives me hope for the future. As a bodybuilder, I know the importance of incorporating protein into your diet. However, I’m also a strong proponent of sustainability and clean eating. Above all else, I’m aware of the negative impacts that meat consumption can have on both the body and the environment. Though I’m not a vegan myself, the arrival of so many organic and plant-based goods excites me. What Is One Of Your Productive Habits? In much of what I do, I take a scientific approach. This allows me to plan methodically, implement strategically, and track my progress accurately. Whether I’m working on sales or SEO, this process has proven highly effective. Since I’m big on collecting data, I also make it a point to gather feedback from my clients. Do You Have Any Advice For Your Younger Self? If I could have a discussion with my younger self, I would tell myself to embrace failure. When you’re young, it’s less risky to embark on daring undertakings. However, that doesn’t make pursuing your dreams any easier. When I would encounter a roadblock, I’d get so defeated. I wish the more inexperienced version of myself knew that these challenges were meant to be learning lessons. What’s Something That You Believe That Others Disagree With? Most people believe that you can’t have a successful side business if you have a family and a career. I’ve proven that that’s not true. Life is busy, but we only get one chance to live out our dreams. With balance, anything is possible. What’s One Piece Of Advice You’d Give To Other Entrepreneurs? Plan your workdays in advance. In my experience, preparation bodes well for productivity. With your day mapped out, you’re more likely to complete all your tasks. What Strategy Has Helped You Expand Your Business? In my personal training business, advertising my results has helped me grow my clientele. People like to know that what you’re selling works. The great shape that I’m in is proof that there’s a method to my madness. In essence, I take advantage of opportunities that allow me to showcase my capabilities. What’s One Failure That You’ve Had As An Entrepreneur? Years ago, I started a business that combined my love for underwater photography with my knack for freediving. Unfortunately, I bit off more than I could chew, and I tried to grow my business too fast. I was so eager to get the ball rolling on so many projects that nothing was cohesive. I would get lost in thoughts that weren’t helpful to my business, which resulted in me straying off course. I’ve since learned that with time, patience, and diligence, everything will eventually come together. What’s A Business Idea You Have For The Future? The prospect of there being a meal delivery service that’s designed for bodybuilders is so groundbreaking to me. The fitness industry is so quick to promote products that don’t work. I’d love to see a meal delivery service that actually knows what they’re talking about. From customizable options to macro-based diets, this idea could pave the way for so many possibilities. What’s The Best $100 You’ve Spent? Recently, I purchased an HD Logitech Webcam. This has really improved the quality of my Zoom meetings. It’s also portable and easy to adjust. What’s One Service That You Can’t Live Without? Fiverr is a service that I swear by. There are many trades that I’m not versed in, and Fiverr makes it simple to find someone who is. Whether I’m building a new website or making a logo, I know that I can rely on Fiverr to provide me with an industry expert. There are so many qualified professionals to choose from, which makes it incredibly easy to hire someone. Give Us A Book Recommendation “Crush It” by Gary Vaynerchuk is a fantastic read. The message is that you can turn what you love into a business. Vaynerchuk gives readers all the tools and insight they need to thrive. What’s A Favorite Quote Of Yours? I’ve always resonated with something Mr. Miyagi told Daniel in “The Karate Kid.” Mr. Miyagi tells Daniel that unless he commits himself fully to karate, he’ll get “squashed like a grape.” In other words, only the brave succeed.

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