Bryan Tayefeh

Bryan obtained an undergraduate degree in developmental, molecular and cellular biology from the University of Colorado in Boulder. Using a combination of his education, his career in the science industry and his passion for fitness, Bryan applies his own science-based methodologies to assisting his clients in attaining their personal training goals.


With a very personalized approach that is highly-focused, he is able to combine the immense amount of research and data Bryan has access to and use it to provide the elements his clients need. Because he believes in quality before quantity, Bryan limits the number of people he works with so they get the best experience and results possible. 


Bryan has years of experience researching the chemical modification of RNA as well as the organic synthesis of natural products. He has worked as a part of the corporate development team at Ionis Pharmaceuticals, a leader in the RNA therapeutics industry since 2013. While there, Bryan also filled roles as a leading scientist and a member of the pharmacokinetics team. He has handled some of the company's largest partnership contracts. 

In his current role with Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Bryan serves as its Director of Alliance Management and Business Development. His drive to develop industry-leading health care technologies and his passion for fitness is what drove Bryan to begin his personal training business in 2018.